Legal Services

Divorce, Separation and Alimony

Divorce Mediation - Attorney Aleixo established The Mediation Center for Divorce and Family Law in 1994 and provides mediation services in all areas of probate and family law. Sessions with Attorney Aleixo are always confidential and almost always result in a successful settlement of the case. Attorney Aleixo is highly skilled as a neutral mediator and brings an extraordinary level of sensitivity and knowledge of the legal system to the table. Mediation is a very fair and effective alternative to litigation, at the divorce stage and afterward as your circumstances change. It is generally much less costly and much more efficient than litigation. Attorney Aleixo has an ability to help couples balance the scales as they work together toward a fair resolution of the case. Once fully resolved, Attorney Aleixo prepares all necessary documents and secures the Court date for her clients, who proceed to the divorce hearing thoroughly prepared to represent themselves at Court.

Divorce Litigation - Attorney Aleixo was admitted to practice before the Massachusetts and Federal bars in 1985 and 1986, and readily established herself as a leading divorce and family lawyer. During these twenty years of legal practice, she has maintained a reputation as a knowledgeable and forceful client advocate and has received high marks from area judges, legal professionals and clients of her legal expertise.

Custody & Support/ Paternity

Paternity - Attorney Aleixo has vast experience representing mothers and fathers in the sensitive area of litigation related to children born to unmarried partners. Her prior background in child welfare provides her with particular insight and aptitude to guide her clients through these important parental rights proceedings.


Guardianship/Conservatorships - When family members are too young or too mentally or physically compromised to manage their personal or financial affairs, Attorney Aleixo can assist with the filing of Petitions for Guardianship(minors, elders, mentally incapacitated) or Petitions for Conservatorship for matters specifically limited to management of a ward's financial affairs. Attorney Aleixo is capable of providing assistance to family members to successfully petition the Court and thereafter to assist family in fulfilling the fiduciary duties imposed by the court on the newly appointed guardian or conservator.

Wills/ Estates/ Living Wills

Probate of Estates - Attorney Aleixo provides full representation to fiduciaries in the area of estate administration and probate, including the filing of the petition for appointment, preparing and filing of the estate inventory of assets, assistance with payment of a decedent's debts, asset distribution to heirs, filing tax returns when necessary and preparing and filing the preliminary or final accountings with the Probate Court. Attorney Aleixo provides competent and compassionate services to family members who find themselves in the difficult circumstances of settling the estates of those close to them who have died.

Drafting of Wills, Health Care Proxy, Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney - Attorney Aleixo is very will suited to assist her clients with guidance in the drafting of these estate planning documents. She facilitates the process by thoughtfully addressing her client's concerns and providing guidance and options for her client's consideration. Attorney Aleixo's ability to listen makes this legal experience much less intimidating and perplexing for her clients.


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